Odor Neutralizing
Cat Litter Powder


With Plant and Mineral Derived Absorbents

Because your cat’s business is nobody’s business.

  • HERO INGREDIENT: 100% bio-based ingredient (Sodium Zinc Polyitaconate) traps and neutralizes odors on contact.
  • IMMEDIATE ODOR CONTROL: Instead of masking odors with heavy fragrance, this actually eliminates them immediately.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Independent lab tests confirm it: our bio-based ingredient delivers better odor removal of pet odors than the zinc-based technology in other products.
  • NO DUSTING: Our fine-powder formula stays put
  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Recyclable bottle is made with Post Consumer Resin plastic.
  • MADE WITHOUT: Talc, ammonia, chlorine bleach, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance.
  • PRO-TIP: A good deodorizer (hello!) will help extend the life of your litter saving you time and the planet extra garbage! 

Sodium zeolite (mineral-derived absorbent), sodium bicarbonate (mineral-derived deodorizer), sodium zinc polyitaconate (bio-based odor neutralizer), corn starch (plant-derived absorbent).

  • This product is designed and produced in a family owned, FDA and EPA Registered facility located on the East Coast of the United States that complies with cGMP Standards.
  • Rigorous testing includes: Stability Testing to ensure the quality and integrity of the formula over time and Challenge Testing which confirms the preservative system’s ability to protect the product from microbial growth.
  • Conceived, developed, and made in the USA.

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