About Us

It started with a small group of passionate pet people (that’s us!) all driven by a single uniting question: If we live with our pets in a whole new way, why are we using the same, old pet care products?  The answer became PL360. We’re creating a new breed of products that pets (and the people who live with & for them) deserve. Our mission: to create the kind and quality of products that our pets and our pet lives deserve.

Our Pet Life Point of View

Pet parenting today looks very little like pet ownership in generations past. Instead of “owning” pets, we live side by side. We share our homes, vacations, our waking and sleeping hours and most of all, our values. We call this our Pet Life. Our Pet Life philosophy determines everything about the products we use on them, in them and around them — from products to ingredients to packaging— with all 360° of our pet life in mind. So we ask a lot of the same questions we ask about the products we use for ourselves. “Is this something we’d feel good about our pets breathing everyday ?” “Is this gentle enough for my dog’s sensitive skin?” “Is this vitamin going to be easy to give every day?” and “Does this smell work for all noses involved?” And every day we ask ourselves, “How does this make our pet lives better, easier, healthier more fulfilling and… fun?”

Our Pet Life Values

  • Pets are not 2nd class citizens. They deserve 1st class products.
  • Humans and pets live side by side; pet products should serve both.
  • Nature is the world’s best innovation lab.
  • Your pet can’t read an ingredient list, but they can feel it.
  • Fragrances should be made for all noses involved.
  • A dog bath should be a gift not a punishment.
  • Great vitamins can also taste like chicken.
  • Pet anxiety is a real thing. The solution should be too.
  • A pet loving home can also be a home loving home.
  • We care what goes into each product and the packaging each product goes into.
  • Doing right by our pets is a sign of our humanity.
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