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Great Hair Day Dog Kit

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Trial + Travel sized wonders that’ll  help you get your groomin’ glow on!


Great For
  • Long or unruly-haired dogs
  • Dogs with sensitive skin
  • Frequent groomers
  • Traveling pup families or dog-sitters
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We’ve designed this kit of Trial + Travel sized items to help you manage the sometimes unmanageable. Hoping soon your pup’s coat will be the talk of the dog park.

What's in your kit:

Our 360° view of your pet life.

Your pet and life you share are unique. And always changing. We get it. So when we create our products or kits we think about your dog and your cat. Here’s where we start:

Pet Type

What breed(s)? Size? Hair type? Answers to these questions get us going.


Are you an active family? Do you live in an apartment or have a big yard? This type of consideration is our inspiration.


Puppies and kittens don’t have the same needs as seniors. Or adolescents. We get this.


Pets have particular sensitivities. So do pet parents. We’re sensitive to both.

Let's hear what other pet parents say...

Curated kits for your stay-at-home and sometimes on-the-road Pet Life!

Each Pet Life Kit has been curated to include Trial + Travel sized products for different pets and pet lives. You’ll find these conveniently sized versions of our full-sized products bundled according to need. Explore our selection and get inspired!

Pet Life

We're guessing these might come in handy...