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Save a trip to the groomers with this prebiotic oatmeal, gentle, ph-balanced formula and plant-based cleansers. You’re cleaning, soothing and calming your pup’s hair and skin just like a pro. And with the dual action sprayer you’re doing it fast enough to reclaim some snuggle minutes that make your whole day feel worth living. (Give yourself a tip for a job well done!)


Great For
  • Dogs of all ages (puppies over 8 weeks)
  • Dogs with itchiness or skin issues
  • Fragrance-sensitive dogs and people
  • Quick clean-ups and dirty paws
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What's Inside


  • HERO INGREDIENTS: Prebiotic Oatmeal and Manuka Honey soothes and moisturizes
  • PLANT-DERIVED CLEANERS: Works hard and plays safe with a gentle pH-balanced formula that leaves coat shiny and soft
  • NATURAL FRAGRANCE: Natural Oatmeal Honey is derived from plants without altering their chemical structures and is made without the use of petrochemicals
  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Our recyclable bottles are made with Post Consumer Resin plastic
  • MADE WITHOUT: Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, SLS, dyes, synthetic fragrance


  • TWO WAYS TO CLEAN & BATHE: Spray and wipe for a quick clean, using the foam option massage, wash & rinse.
  • FLEA/TICK TREATMENT SAFE: Won’t rinse away topical flea and tick treatments.

Ingredients: water, decyl glucoside (plant-derived cleanser), natural fragrance, coco-glucoside (plant-derived cleanser), avena sativa (oat kernel) flour (prebiotic colloidal oatmeal), manuka honey (humectant & moisturizer) butyrospermum  parkii (shea butter)(moisturizer), methylglycinediacetic acid trisodium salt (plant-derived chelator), sodium citrate (plant-derived buffer), citric acid (ph adjuster), sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium salicylate (preservative)

  • This shampoo is designed and produced in a family owned, FDA Registered facility located on the East Coast of the United States that complies with cGMP Standards.
  • Rigorous testing includes: Stability Testing to ensure the quality and integrity of the formula over time and Challenge Testing which confirms the preservative system’s ability to protect the product from microbial growth.
  • Conceived, developed and made in the USA.


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