a new breed
of dog care

Clean Up

Sharing your home with a pet is a joy. And sometimes a mess. Our cleaning products, training pads, and dog pads are designed with the household in mind. Made with plant-derived ingredients or sustainable forest pulp, they keep your place in tip-top shape and are safe for dogs (and two legged kids!).


Making sure your dog smells and looks nice is a sign of love and respect — even if they don’t care! All of our shampoos and wipes are made with plant-derived ingredients for a gentle, effective clean. Whether your pup needs an extra-gentle formula, itch relief, or a tangled coat, you can help them get their glam on.

Out & About

We’re here to help you and your pet live the happiest, healthiest life at home or in the park or on vacation! From our products to our choice of ingredients and materials, we want every part of your pet life to be a walk in the park—especially your countless walks in the park.


Dog’s got separation anxiety? Skin & coat troubles? Inflammation from daily exercise? Hey, we all have “issues”. Don’t let them stress either of you out. Our tasty soft chew supplements are designed for simple, accurate (and reportedly delish!) administration.

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